Stream Liner of the Lost Souls  

About The Book 

   In the town of Littleworth Shannon is desperate to take herself and her only brother away from the drugs and gangs that have overrun the town. With the law enforcement making the area a 'no go zone', the corruption is rife. With one of her brothers and both parents dead, she has no intention of losing the only sibling she has left. Unfortunately for her, her brother has no intention of leaving. He thrives on drugs and violence; this is his world and he feels he is here to stay. That is, until something happens-so gruesome, so violent, that even the Devil himself would have been proud of the ensuing developments.
This dramatically changes things, not only for Shannon and her brother, but for all mankind. When you're dead, you're dead, right? Wrong You can run, but you cannot hide from the 'Stream Liner'

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When you're dead, you're dead, right? Wrong!

You can run, but you cannot hide from the

'Stream Liner'


He put his hands up to his face. He was sure his nose was broken. Tears were filling his eyes, which hampered him even more. He could only see a blur and he rubbed his eyes in the hope he would be able to see clearer. He scrambled up off the floor and looked to see where the old lady was. He couldn't see her. She wasn't in her seat. “Shit, shit, shit!” he mumbled his mind spinning.What the hell was going on? His nose was killing him and he couldn't think straight. He had to get out, and fast. Whatever that thing was it definitely wasn't human--, and no way was he going to wait around and find out who or what it was. He staggered towards the lounge door, his heart going ten to the dozen. His eyes were transfixed on the door. There was blood pouring out of his nose and going everywhere, but that was the least of his concerns. His instinct told him to get away. He quickly scanned the lounge again, but this time he was looking for something he could use as a weapon. He spotted a vase, tipped the contents out on the floor and raised his arm above his head in readiness. He’d got to the end of the lounge and cautiously walked down the hallway. There was no sight or sound of the old lady. He headed towards the front door, looking behind him every other step. He suddenly heard a voice behind him. He swung around, putting his arm’s up in a natural defensive act. There was nobody there. He kept his guard up for a few seconds just to be sure. When he was convinced nobody was going to leap out from the lounge he gave out a big sigh of relief, but as he turned back round to face the front door he froze. His whole body felt paralysed  He tried to move but couldn't. His mind was willing but his whole body had gone numb. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable---.